III / 75 Islamic Berber

Murabit army with tuareg mercenaries

1) CiC ILhO, 12 RSpO, 6 RPsO, 8 IPsS, 7 ILhO - 32ME

2) SG ILhO, 12 RSpO, 6 RPsO, 9 ILhO - 30ME

3) SG ILhO, 12 RSpI, 6 RPsO - 21ME

4) SG IKnF, 3 IKnF, 2 ILhO - 12ME

5) 6 IBgO - 6ME

This army relies on three assets: the spearwall provide toughness and can engage most of the opponents, Lh can skirmish and outflank enemies, while the small KnF corps can be the reserve, delay or flank march, and generally dealing with troops dangerous to the rest of the army as Cv and Bd.

Coordination is very important. The army is quite difficult to use well having few QK troops, but can be devastating