Chichimec vs Maya

Apocalipto tournament is nearing, and another clubmate has finished his american army. Fabio wanted to test his brand new Maya army, and I played against him with the infamous Chichimec, also known as "The red ants". This game was at 300AP, using Apocalito tournament formula.


I defended, and decided to set up some hills to bolster my line. Maya deployed second with one corps missing. I decided to attack and to not wait for the missing enemies


The IBwI soon advanced to shooting range and started to fire without any result.


The CiC corps entered delayed in turn three, and the maya decided to advance along all the front


The chichimec archers kept firing, but could not slow the massed maya warriors


Chichimec warriors charged the maya Holkan


Finally arrived the critical moment, the Maya charge against the IBwI. This maya command, having an average pip die, could not launch an all out attack


Chichimec archers fought well, keeping their position


Holkan and chichimec warriors hacked at each other, with the casualty tally rising


On the left the Maya CiC corps advanced straight towards the enemy. The battle was in its critical stage


With a couple of hot dice roll, Chichimec broke the Maya center


Maya attacks were inflicvting casualties but not fast enough, and now chichimec reinforcements were hitting the flank of the Maya right corps


The battle was quite close, with Toltec nobles taking many casulaties in the approach but smashing the center of the left Chichimec corps


The final turn was bloody. The right maya corps broke while having disheartened the Chichimecs


On the left Chichimec were just half element away from being disheartened, but could break the enemy thanks to a BwI killing in close combat an IBdI!! 20-5 for Chichimec

A fun game, with a lot of action and many tactical decision to take. Maya delayed corps probably was not a good tactic, hampering the regular pip chain of command in the first turns, including the very important first charge on the right. Maya proved to be a tough army with the RAxS deadly, but this time swamped by red ants.