Recco 2012 second round

The second game I played versus a Navarrese army. A big, bulky opponent with good terrain troops and some dangerous free company mercenaries.

I attacked and tried to keep the table as opened as possible.

The left wing was a bare plain, while the right was a terrain suited to enemy almughavars.

I risked a lot, because I stretched my set up to attack both enemy wings. To do that, my franc archers were in the front line somewhat supported by the knight S.


Both of us sent a column of english archers on the open left flank, while the almughavars attacked my psiloi superior on the right.

Navarrese BwS were part, mounted, in the CiC corps and the rest in the english ally.


My Ps S on the right wing enjoyed better pips and started to attack and destroy enemy troops. The Navarrese committed their gascon KnO reserve against the franc archers, that can be seen marching in column in the picture


The english archers deployed on the left wing. My oppnent had there 3 RBdS, I had support from a KnS and the artillery.


The almughavar corps is crumbling under the pressure, while the gascon mount a coordinated attack on the franc archers


While the archers exchange fire on the left, the BdS attack. The Navarrese try also to coordinate two knights groups against french gens d'armes to pierce enemy center.



The french KnS charge. The CiC impact an english BdS. Franc archers shooting disordered and disrupted the gascons.


A second english BdS is going to die.


Sun is dawning on Navarra. The combined losses from KnO and BwS disheartened the spanish CiC


This charge broke the almughavars corps and the loss transmission was fatal to Navarrese. 25-0

I was impressed by navarrese, a fine army but difficult to play. Coordinate so many different troops with impetous knights and irregula dice needs imho a very simple plan. My opponent tried many different things and when pips were low, there were problems.


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