On 16th december 2012 there will be the DBMM100 tournament "Apocalypto!" in Games Academy, in via Valparaiso 2, Milan, at 10.00 hour.

The theme will be about the armies of the Americas and will cover both the periods before and after Columbus' discovery.

The tournament will be over five games, of 60 minutes each, with time recorded once terrain set up is over.

The rules used will be the DBMM100 version, using 100AP, and the only armies allowed will be:


III/22 Maya F. Terpin

III/41 Chichimec A. Miguez

III/41 Pueblo cultures D. Peroni

III/59 Toltec

IV/9 Eastern Forest American

IV/10 Mound Builder American M. Vecchia

IV/11 North Western American N. Begovic, N. Terpin

IV/19 Tlaxcalan

IV/19 Chinantec

IV/53 Mixtec S.Grombi, G. Barberis

IV/53 Zapotec and West Mexican  S. Fantini

IV/63 Aztec R. Marchesi, M. Cisotto, P. Viganò

IV/70 Chanca

IV/71 Chimu

IV/72 Amazonian M. Boetti

IV/81 Inca L. Mele, P. Mappelli

IV/84 Mapuche D. Parra


Special Guests: Cioffi Torquemada Cortez and Sarracino Pizarro


To have as much army variety as possible, the subscribing player first to pick an army will receive a bonus of +1 points to his classment score. The second to pick the same army, will have a 0 bonus score, the third -1, the fourth -2 and so on. To help and patronize people willing to paint their army for the event, it is possible to subscribe and reserve the picked army even before the subscription date, sending in addition to the army list a picture of the army with correct miniatures.


Players using miniatures not representative of their army will receive a penalty of 15 points.

The games will be played on a 76cm by 76cm board with pre set terrain. The score system will be the 25-0 version

The subscription will open on 5th october 2012

The army pool showing the subscribed players (showed in red on this page) and armies selected will be updated in real time.

The subscription will cost 10 Euro.


Winner: The winner will receive a wooden maya calendar (it's an imitation, not an original maya item :)))

All players: Everyone will receive a special 22mm die with a mayan image on one side of it

Special prizes: Each round, the first player killing an enemy element rolling a 6-1 and loudly shouting "Apocalipto!" will receive a mayan custom die

The winner trophy

The custom dice


The army lists must be sent before the 9th of december 2012 to:

lorenzomele AT libero.it (subsituing AT with @ in the email address)

There is plenty of time to get ready for what could be the last tournament :)

Please contact the administrator to subscribe or if needing further informations.




Maurizio's Aztecs, made using Essex Aztec range


Lorenzo's Inca, made with Lurkio new Inca range


Riccardo's Aztecs are from Gladiator range


Paolo's Aztec is made with miniatures from Tin Soldier


Sarracino's Conquistadores are made with Gladiator figures, except the porters from Irregular


Alessandro's Chichimec are from Khurasan range and need a better picture :)


Dennis' Proto Aztec


Niccolò's Inuit (western indian in winter dress), figures from MY miniatures.


Marco's Amazonian tribe


Giorgio's Mixtec from Gladiator range

Marco's Conquistadores