The Mongol Hordes

In this scenario the mongol team will fight to conquer neighbouring nations and create their huge empire.

The mongol team is made by three/five players. one of them being the Khan, and will fight a team of at least equal number of players using the historical enemy armies. The games are arranged in three rounds:

In each round the Mongol Khan will pick the neighbouring nations to be invaded using the map below, choosing a number equal to the mongol players number. The defending team, after knowing which nations are attacked (and which army lists to be used), will assign their players to each one of them. The Mongols, knowing the defending players, will then assign the attacker to each game.

The Mongol starting area is the red one on the map.

The games will determine the team scoring adding together all the battle results. In addition, Mongols will conquer the nations losing their games  (a game is lost scoring 12 or less VP), or nations completely surrounded by mongol areas at the end of each round, widening their empire and getting in contact with new enemies to be attacked in the following rounds.

The first round year is 1210AD, the second one 1220AD and the third 1230AD. Mongols can use allies and special troops (as Khitans) just if they have subdues these nations.


The armies will start with 350AP, and the Mongol player is always the attacker. As a balancing tool, each player losing a game by rout, will play the following rounds with 25 AP added to his army.

The Mongol team leader is Genghis Khan. He has the bonus of a free brilliant general but will concede in each of his battle 1 VP to his opponent (within the 25 score range)

The scoring is added for each team and the total sum at the end of the third round will determine the winner.


Army lists:

Abbasid Khalifate - Syrian states Abbasid option

Annam - Vietnamese

Arabian Tribes - Dynastic Bedouin generic options

Arakan - Burmese

Assan - Burmese

Axum - Abyssinian without muslim options

Balts - Prussian

Diyarbakir - Syrian state generic option

Finn- Estonian

Karnatka - Rajput Hindu Indian

Kashmir - Hindu Indian with minimum number of Elephants

Kerala - Tamil Indian

Kediri - Malays

Makurra - Horn of Africa with muslim options

Malwa- Rajput Hindu Indian

Novgorod - Early Russian Novgorod

Pagan - Burmese

Pegu - Siamese

Nepal - Tibetan with minimal tibetan troops and compulsory 2 nepalese generals

Sami - Estonian

Sindh - Arab Indian with later options

Sri lanks - Sinhalese Tamil

Srivijara - Javanese

Tangut- Hsi Hsia

Turkic Tribes - Central Asian Turk with no allies or specific options

Tibetan - Tibetan in the last period avalaible

Uighur - Central Asian Turks Uighur

Zangid - Syrian states Zangid option


Campaign First Round

Mongols attack Turk tribes, Kipchak Khanates, Tanguts, Qara Qitans, Uighur and Jurchen Chin:

Mongol-Free Nations 73-77

Mongol Conquest (Grombi) - Central Asian Turks (Peroni) bk3/11        25-0
Mongol Conquest (Terpin) - Jurchen Chin (Sarracino) bk4/14               25-0
Mongol Conquest (Fred-Khan) - Qara Khitan (Mele) bk4/15                 5-20
Mongol Conquest (Paglianti) - Cuman (Cioffi) bk3/80                          6-19
Mongol Conquest (Miguez) - Hsi Hsia (Boniardi) bk3/67                      0-25

Mongol Conquest (Vecchia) - Uighur (Sardi) bk3/11                           12-13


Mongol conquered Turkic tribes and Jurchen Chin


Round 1 pictures


Campaign Second Round



Situation after the battles fought in first round

Mongols attack Bashkurs, Kipchak Khanates, Tanguts, Qara Qitans, Russian Principalites and Volga Bulgars:


Mongols - Free Nations 88-62

Total Score after two rounds 161-139


Mongol Conquest (Grombi) - Russian Principalites (Sardi) bk3/79         8-17
Mongol Conquest (Terpin) - Qara Khitan (Boniardi) bk4/15                  16-9
Mongol Conquest (Fred-Khan) - Bashqurs (Cioffi) bk3/11                    21-4
Mongol Conquest (Paglianti) - Tangut (Peroni) bk3/67                         16-9
Mongol Conquest (Miguez) - Kipchak (Mele) bk3/80                           9-16

Mongol Conquest (Vecchia) - Volga Bulgars (Sarracino) bk3/32            18-7


Mongol conquered Baskurs, Volga Bulgars, Tangut, Uighur and Qara Khitan

Round 2 pictures

Campaign Third Round

Situation after the battles fought in second round

Mongols attack Russian principalites, Kipchak, Khwarizmian, Kashmir, Tibetan and Koryo

Mongols - Free Nations 63-62

Total Score after three rounds 224-201


Mongol Conquest (Terpin) - Russian Principalites (Mele) bk3/79            0-25
Mongol Conquest (FredKhan) - Hindu Indian (Peroni) bk3/10              13-12        
Mongol Conquest (Vecchia) - Tibetan (Cioffi) bk3/15                           6-19
Mongol Conquest (Paglianti) - Kwarizmian (Sardi) bk4/24                    25-0      
Mongol Conquest (Grombi) - Kipchak (Boniardi) bk3/80                         

Mongol Conquest (Miguez) -  Koryo (Sarracino) bk3/57                       19-6


Round 3 pictures