Nikephorian Byzantine


Riccardo took these pictures at a tournament, playing against Eddy, the guy that painted these figures.

The army is made with Old Glory and Alain Touller miniatures modified. Some friend of mine looking at the pictures thought they were 28mm, not 15mm.


Shields and banners are hand painted. There are no decals


The BwX are made with 2 rows of spearmen and one of archers. When I questioned why he used more figures Eddy replied "Because they look good".


Eddy told me it took a lot of time to finish the army. He owns only this one and a Later Carthaginian. Many people tried to buy them but to no avail.


The menavlatoi near the dice are a conversion, as many other figures in the army.




Hand made shields


This general is nice too. Is it OG?


The bareheaded general is one of my favourites figures


The Varangians