Sarissa pictures part 4

The final and decisive fourth tournament round. Some pictures of the games


The Pergamene army attack the Galatian few troops on the table, while the gauls wait for the massed infantry sent on a flank march. The galatian cavalry will be wiped out but the pergamene will have no time to countermanouver and finish off the enemy army. 15-10 to Pergamene


Macedonians versu Lysimachid (on right). The Macedonian cavalry wing will rout the opponent and go around the enemy, that will be forced to detach some pike to cover the rear of the phalanx. This will weaken the Lysimachid pike attack against a smaller enemy phalanx. 15-10 for the macedonians.


The Hellenistic Greeks again will suffer when facing heavier troops, with Alexander imperial phalanks and wedges destroying everything in their path. 21-4 to Alexander


Polybian Roman once again could not defeat the enemy phalanx, seleucid in this game. 14-11 to Seleucids


Camillan Roman infantry deployed in line and facing Alexander macedonian troops, while the roman cavalry manouver in the back. The hastati and triari spears will keep at bay enemy wedges, that will be taken in the flank by the combined enemy. 23-2 to Romans


Kappadokian outmanouver Messagetai avoiding the armoured cavalry and attacking the lighter Skythian troops. 25-0 to Kappadokians


The Galatians deploys attacking on one flank and refusing a wing, but te Campanian superiority in light troops check them. The refused wing is destoyed.  15-10 to Campanians