Tibetan vs Seljuq Turk

This was the first battle for my new Tibetan army. The army list is mounted focused, but there are a lot of different composition so I will have to experiment a bit to found my preferred composition. This game I went for a cataphract heavy three corps army. A simple structure, with 18 RKnX in line that should advance and smite everything, supported and screened by Lh, Ps and Cv.

My opponent used a CvS heavy Seljuks, Merv sultanate.

I was the attacker and set up two 1FE difficult hill to protect my flank from outflanking. The defender went for Gh and a BUA to keep the battlefield as open as possible.

The result can be seen below.

The table was decent for me, except that the time was against me. I needed to force a frontal decision before my flanks would be destroyed by the larger and fiercer enemy LhS. The main target would have been enemy CvS in the center that was in uphill position and able to charge me first. Tricky, expecially because I made a mistake.

Afraid of the foreseen problems on the flanks, I used as reserve my ILhF and did not screened the KnX on both flanks. Just the center has some PsO as protection. The enemy charge could be devastating

Luckily, I attacked by night. The picture is taken after the night approach, withy my troops in 400 paces from enemy hampering a lot any redeployment.


The Turk made a mistake here imho. He positioned on GH edge and I immediately advanced in charge reach. In such a way he anticipated the combat in the center by one turn, playing my music. Probably it would be bettere to gain time and keep threatening my flanks


On the left too I had problems to cover the heavy cavalry. It was a matter of time before I would be outflanked. But with cataphracts in charge reach, time was what Seljuk missed.


Hard pressed and with low pips, the Seljuk charged. My central corps had the KnX screened, while the wings took the brunt of the charge by RCvS. The very low pips prevented the use of the feigned flight.


Seljuq tried to gain some overlap to kill cataphracts with the powerful RCvS charge.


Same story here, except that ILhS were not ready to attack or threaten the flank. All good for me, except being on receiving end of the charge with overlaps.


The Seljuq attack was appalling, losing ground everywhere and inflictng no casualties


Tibetan turn, charging all over the line thanks to the untriggered fleigned flight. This is the last time RCvS were seen on the battlefield. In a single attack the Turk lost 50% of the army.


A short and brutal game. The Seljuq was butchered by a combination of miserable dice roll and a risky tactic. It would have been better to refuse even more the center to gain some vital turns on the wings to destroy Tibetan light horses and fall on cataphracts rear. I made a mistake too, not screening properly my RKnX, but had hotter dice and this helped a lot.