Army pictures


In this section you can see  the army collections of mine and of my clubmates. All the armies are in 15mm scale.


My army collection: Egyptian, Spartan, Marian Roman, Barbarians, Sassanid, Hun, Early Byzantine, Medieval India, T'ang Chinese, Turk, Medieval Byzantine, Serbian, Hundred years war English, French Ordonnance, Navy, Dacian, Crecy English, Alan, Croatian, Sea People, Tibetan, CarolingianSarmatian, Carthaginians, Khmer, Medieval Islamic, Middle Imperial Roman, Ottoman, Sassanid 2, Mapuche,

Marco's collection: Egyptians, Assyrians


Riccardo's collection: Feudal French, New Kingdom Egyptians, Lusitanians, Carolingian


Dennis' collection: Ghaznavids,  Seleucids, Early Imperial Romans, Later Muslim Indian, Later Swiss, Han Chinese, Norman, Later Carthaginian, Teutonic Order, Samurai


Fabio's collection: Byzantines, Sassanids, Maya


Diego's collection: Skythians, Marian Romans, Catalan Company, Post Mongol Russian, New Skythians


Eddy's collection: Nikephorian Byzantines, Communal Italian, Carthaginians, Rus


Fred's collection: Assyrians, Crusaders, Mongols, Samurai, Aztec


Sergio's collection: Warring states Chinese


Simone's collection: Later Achemenid Persian


Nikola's collection: Later Hungarians, Western Ch'u chinese, Galatians, Tlingit


Mario's collection: Communal Italian, Andalusian, Ancient British, Hundred years war English


Dave's collection: Italian Condotta


Enrico's collection: Western Franks, Ottomans, Alan, Mongols, Dailami, Sassanid, Thracian, Skythian, Inca, Pre Samurai, Byzantine, West Sudanese, Early Polish, Early Carthaginian, Landsknechte,


Fabietto.s collection: Rus, Medieval Spanish


Stefano's collection: Later Hebrew. Early Crusaders


Paolo's collection: Crusaders, Early Imperial Roman, Arabs,  French ordonnance, Carolingian, Tang Chinese, Later Carthaginian


Luciano's collection: Kushans


Giancarlo's collection: Order of Saint John


Alessandro M.' collection: Mongol conquest


Emilio's collection: Italian Condotta


Alessandro S.' collection: Medieval Russian, Burgundian Ordonannce


Maurizio's collection: Aztec


Marco's collection: Classical Indian


Luca's collection: Minoian


Armies sold from a collection above: Nikephorian Byzantine