The Human Wave that toppled the Empires

At the beginning of XIII century BC in the near east the powerful empire of Egypt and Hatti were fighting in the Levant with Canaanite and Syrian allies, trying to expand their dominions. These nations were rich, culturally advanced and socially well organized. They had powerful armies at their disposal.

Suddenly, between 1206 and 1150 BC, these civilizations collapsed.

Out of nowhere, new nations appeared in the mediterranean and migrated, looking for new lands. Possibly pushed by severe drought and famine, Sherden, Peleset, Tjeker, Weshesh, collectively called Sea People.  They attacked and crushed the Minoian states, destroyed every city between Troy in Anatolia and Gaza in Philistia.

The Hittite Empire collapsed, many syrian city states were sacked and burned. The Egyptian kingdom was the only one able to stop them, but at an high price, being severly weakened and losing all the possessions in the Levant. The wars with the Sea People marked the start of the egyptian decline.

It was the end of the Bronze Age, and the beginning of a dark age.



The campaign simulates the struggle in the Near East between the major empires of that era, and the attacks and consequences od Sea People invasions and start in 1200BC.

The sides are three:

Egypt (list I/22) and Syrian city states (I/20 no Ugarit option) are allied

Hittite (I/24) and Ugarit (I/20 Ugarit option) are allied

Sea People (I/28)


Each turn is one year and the players can do one of the following actions.

Attack- The players select one of his cities as attacking base, and a connected enemy city to attack. The Sea People invade from the sea and can never be attacked

Defend- The player stand still using his army to intercept any raid or invasion

Raid- The player select an enemy nations to weaken it

Siege- The player keep sieging an enemy city to seize it.


Attack- If the enemy defends, there is a battle, otherwise a siege roll. The siege roll is succesfull with 4+ (3+ by sea people). A successful siege by Sea people raze the city, other nations conquer it. A battle win by the invader automatically take or raze a city.

Raid- It is succesfull with 3+ and lower enemy army AP by 10% (40AP if playing at 400AP) for the following year. Sea People can never be raided

Siege- A siege can be rerolled with a +2 to the die roll. Sea people can never siege again.

Defend- Can intercept an invasion or an ongoing enemy siege forcing a battle

Razed city: a razed city does not exist anymore on the map, and must be passed through when attacking.


The game last 6 turns. At the end the side with most victory points wins:

Conquering an enemy city: 2 VP

Razing a city: 2 VP

Winning a battle: 1VP

For each friendly city razed: -1VP