Milano 2012 pictures part 2

Hsiung Nu (Fassan) - Skythian (Zullich) 14-11 - In this typical steppe battle the superior quality of the hsiung nu light horses prevailed


Marian Roman (Marchisio) - Pre Islami Arab (Vigaṇ) 25-0 - The Arab infantry, unsupported by an unreliable Sassanid ally, was hacked by legionaries


Classical Indian (Barberis) - Seleucid (Marchisio) 12-13 - The Indians tried to defend in a terrain fortress. The Seleucid attacked in the only sector suitable but weren't able to break through.


Chiang and Ti (Franco) - Han Chinese (Boniardi) 9-16 - In this bloody battle the cataphracts in the end prove decisive to gain the victory


Kushan (Peroni - Seleucid (Picarelli) 15-10 - Seleucid used the terrain to avoid being surrounded and destroyed by the more mobile Kushan


Marian Roman (Grombi) - Alan (Terpin N) 25-0 - The tough Roman legionaries resisted charges and outflanking to finally reach and destroy alan infantry


Middle Imperial Roman (Tonini) - Sassanid (Baggio) 19-6 - Again good quality foot was able to prevail in a frontal fight against hevy mounted enemies


Palmyra (Kimmerle) - Hunnic (Miguez) 18-7 - Palmyra using a fortified BuA to protect the baggage and as pivot of manouvering action


Later Achemenid Persian (Fantini) - Seleucid (Sarracino) 19-6 - Seleucid in a boxed deployment faced with half army the whole weight of the Persians