Torino 5/11 Pictures

Round 3, Mura's French Ordonnance vs Marchesi's NKE

Both armies manouvered on enemy open flank turning by 90 degree the battle line. The French were able to put all three corps in line faster, and pushed forward in a coordinated way. The NKE was forced to pull back being attritioned by the bowmen fire.  Once on the gentle hill (the dark green feature on the right) they decided to stand and fight, losing one corps in the process. French 15- NKE 10.


Round 3 French Ordonnance (Paglianti) vs Gallic (Richards)

The French attacked along a flank aiming at the enemy cavalry. The gallic cavalry was able to disengage and withdraw, but this exposed the warband flank that were mauled. The gallic lost 2 corps out of four but with a good defensive tactic were able to avoid the rout. 15-10 for the French Ordonnance


Round 3 Ilkanid (Guarnieri) vs Tuareg (Terpin).

Ilkanid player placed 0 terrain FE and this let the defending Tuareg to set up a perfect terrain. The Ilkanid was forced to deploy in a corner being surrounded by dunes, oasis and RGo. He tried an outflank with a small Lh corps that was ambushed and wiped out. In the picture can be seen the Cm party that swamped the enemy.

Once the Tuareg engaged the ilkanids and started made them flee, the game was over in few combat turns. 25-0 for the Tuareg.


Round 3 Sung (Barberis) vs Italian Condotta (Marchisio). The Condotta player oddly placed the swiss on the open flank, and having it unrealiable let the enemy cavalry to attack deeply that flank. On the long run the swiss corps broke, but his took so long that the Sung was not able to roll the enemy line before the time was called.

15-10 for the Sung.


Round 4 French Ordonnace (Paglianti) vs Italian Condotta (Marchisio).

The French attacked along a flank concentrating a superior force there, but were not able to inflict many losses. Having survived for some critical turns, the Condotta was able to regroup and manouver the swiss impacting the enemy center and smashing it. 23-2 for Italian Condotta.


Round 4 Sung (Barberis) vs French Ordonnance (Mura)

The Sung deployed in a strong defensive position, fearing the match ups. The French was not determined enough to try a frontal assault, and decided to turn the enemy flank.

The game was a long an undecisive skirmish. 13-12 for the French


Round 4 Tuareg (Terpin) vs Gallic (Richards)

This was the table number 1 on the last round. The Tuareg played very aggressively engaging with a WbF corps the enemy Wb S and O. The Tuareg foot was destroyed in a bloody combat. The Gallic mounted was very shy because of the terrain and did not exploit the advantage. On the last round a desperate Cm charge broke through the enemy lines winning the game. 19-6 for the Tuareg.


Round 4 Swiss (Peroni) vs Medieval German (Terpin N.)

The swiss dream, a western army accepting an head on fight. The swiss destroyed it by sheer brute force. 25-0 for the swiss.


Round 4 Italian Lombard (Faessler) vs Huns (Miguez)

The Huns were able to manouver their mounted and better concentrate theit forces on enemy cavalry, avoiding to engage the alamannic foot.

23-2 for the Huns


D. Mura very nice French Ordonnance figures


The heroes of the day: massed Tuareg camelry


Gallic CvI manouvering behind Wb and light chariots screen


The swiss quickly advancing on the enemy line


Egyptian chariots hit the Bactrian line while in manouver crisis. Superior discipline and use of reserves will give upper hand to the Greco Bactrians


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