Milano 2012 pictures


Han (Boniardi)- Skythian (Zullich) 21-4 - Han right wing destroys the Skythian LhF corps and then support the assault on enemy center, where the prolonged shooting duel sees the chinese victory.


Hsiung Nu (Fassan)- Hunnic (Miguez) 20-5 - In this steppe battle Hsiung Nu are able to concentrate more troops on the left wing swarming their enemy, gaining a bloody victory.


Carthaginin (Paglianti) - Warring states Chinese (Bohn) 23-2 - An outstanding game with a lot of manouver and countermarches, decided by the clash between chinese BwX supported by chariots, vs punic Spearmen, Elephants and Auxilia S.


Marian Roman (Grombi) - Chiang and Ti (Franco) 12-13 - Romans try to use at best the terrain to resist the cataphract horde supported by Auxilia and Blades


Seleucid civil war between Picarelli and Sarracino (22-3) - In true hellenistic style the fight was decided by the phalanxs clash in the center


Later Achemenid Persian (Fantini) - Alexander Imperial (Mura) 11-14 - The all mounted inert persians, altough huge, are unable to cope frontally with the experimental phalanx.


Late Imperial Roman (Sardi) - Hsiung Nu (Mondin) 23-2 - Roman infantry destroyed Hsiung Nu auxilia using better C3 to cope with nomad cavalry


Classical Indian (Barberis) - Parthian (Cioffi) 13-12 - An extremely confused affair, with Parthians double marching and concealing a third corps.


Pre Islamic Arab (Vigaṇ) - Alan (Rosin) 19-6 - A bloody frontal slog, with arab infantry resisting mounted assaults


Sassanid (Vecchia) - Three Kingdom Chinese (Marini) 18-7 - The small Sassanid army is desperately charging the tough chinese lines. The Sassanid will be the only one to break the war wagon line in the tournament


Marian Roman (Marchisio) - Middle Imperial Roman (Tonini) 23-2 - A lot of heavy infantry action in this game


Kushan (Peroni) - Marian Roman (Marucci) 18-7 - A very bloody and hard fought battle with the Romans failing twice to kill the element needed to win the game.


Seleucid (Cisotto) - Palmyra (Kimmerle) 22-3 - The small but elite Palmyra army under attack by the Seleucids