How to attack bowmen

Bowmen are quite nasty to attack, expecially if they are of Superior quality. Here I will show some useful tactic to deal with them:


A) Look for the worst weather possible to archers: Strong wind and rain


B) Attack with deep formations

Deep formations are difficult to stop: the rear ranks will act as reserve, filling the gaps caused by losses, and, more importants, will avoid disorder by recoils. The group will be impossible to split, needing less pips and being easier to move to contact


C) Attack from position outside the shooting arc

In such a way the attackers avoid at least one shooting phase. The faster the attackers, the better is


D) Menace enemy flank

The outer group is in a position to hit he flank and/or go behind the enemy line. If the enemy archers react

The shooting will be weaker, and there will be more overlap opportunities


E) Attack screened

Screen heavier troops with skirmishers. When positioning to attack enemy it is important to calculate that heavy troops must be in charge reach even if they should recoil.


F) Attack the supporting side troops

Manouver troops able to destroy side support, with fast elements behind the attacking line ready to take the archers in the flank. The Lh are outside shooting range but within charge reach to limit tactical options by archers


G) Attack in column

The infantry takes less shots, and when in charge reach will attack expanding with individual moves. The Lh protect the flanks outside shooting range but in charge reach.

The archers have less options once it's their move bound. If they start wheeling or positioning more elements to shoot, they will give charging options to the Lh. Enemy infantry are too many to stop them just by shoot.


H) Once in contact, as a general rule follow up. You will avoid more shoots and in the archer bound Bw will have no support, no height advantage, no +1 if superior when they lose.