Game 2 vs Later Macedonian Successors, Milano 11/2010

The second game I faced a successor army. I expected a lot of infantry and as usual choosed my large gentle hill.


I attacked. This was the terrain. I was on the left. My opponent placed a rough hill in the center, and some difficult scattered on the table. My GH could not be placed. Looking at the table I thought I was going to face a fortress like deployment. I could do a night attack by the way.


This is the initial deployment. My plan was to try to outflank the on the right, where there was some clear, and try to attack through the rough hill the corner of the enemy formation.

My opponent used some pikes, with S in the front rank, to cover one side. There were very many AxS to control the terrain feature, and some CvO in reserve. The game would be tough.


This is the position after the night and my first bound. I was in a good position on the right, but had not been able to deploy properly on the rough hill. I massed my LhS tp charge the center on the enemy.


My opponent reaction: he skillfully avoided the attack on the right, and much to my surprise marched to contact about 12 AxS on the rough hill. In the center he assembled his CvO to face my Lh.


The attack on the hill surprised me, because I thought my opponent would have kept a passive stance reacting just to mistakes or opportunities of mine. The preemptive attack had a good timing but a bad execution, because the mass of the AxS had the sides unprotected. I duly attacked the enemy infantry, killing two at time when successful.

My CiC corps on the right kept pushing


The Macedonian manouvered using inner lines to set his defensive position


The fight on the rough hill was almost finished


The huns attack all oer the line once the Ax corps was broken. Half of the macedonian  Cv in the center was broken too.



I tried to exploit every tactical opportunity. My LhS entered in the wood on the enemy baseline to attack the rear of IAxS deployed there. Low enemy pips helped me hampering enemy reaction.

In this stage I swarmed from every direction, threatening many flanks


The final attacks. The right macedonian corps was broken losing most of the CvO and some AxS I had to hunt in difficult going. 25-0


This game showed the weak point of this army, the difficulty to attack an enemy well entrenched. My opponent placed well his terrain, but gave me an opportunity first placing a rough hill, then accepting a combat there with flanks not protected. Once a corps was broken, suddenly a lot of gaps appeared and the battle was easier for the huns.


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