The Battle of Mohi

After having played the battle of Leignitz, we organized at the club the second big battle of the Mongol invasion of Europe, Mohi.

For playing sake, we adapted this scenario, simulating the second day of combat after the Mongols took the bridge on Sajo river and advanced against the main hungarian army. To let the hungarians play with four generals, we allowed too  a Cuman allied corps, including a mass of various skirmisher, even knowing that the Cumans did not play a major role in this battle. The fording by a mongol outflanking force was simulated by a flank march, and to avoid the hungarian could know in advance what to do on that flank, we let the Mongol free to decided the side edge of entering.

The scenario was fun. This is what happened

Hungarian deployed first and moved second, surprised by the Mongol dawn attack. Hungarian corps are in process of deploying, with a combat frontage of kust 8 elements


Mongol guards pass the river and deploy on the right flank to support the medium cavalry attack versus the hungarian infantry. The szekeler run forward and immediately charge mongol elite troops


On the left the Mongol flank march enters on turn 1, while the Cuman corps is unreliable. Also the HUngarian CiC rolls 1 and stay stuck. Our (hungarian) plan is wrecked


The Mongol plan works well, focusing two corps against hungarian left flank, held by the Cumans


While the hungarian infantry is wildly charged by the Mongold, the Magyars have a marked disadvantage not being able to attack in mass with the noble cavalry. The Hungarian knights are bottled and enter combat piecemal.


For a while Hungarians seemed to b able to win. Cumans were resisting and Szekeler charge tore gaps in Mongol first line....


But it was a delusion, the Mongols finally overwhelmed the Cumans, that broke and run away. The Szekeler followed swift, and also the Hungarian infantry did not stand. A great victory for the Mongol horde, that luckily for Europe was to be recalled east.

A nice battle and fun game.