Elephants running amok in Recco

My third game was played versus D. Mura, a good player with a lot of experience, using a nasty French Ordonnance. I hade to face lethal MG42 like BwS, massed KnS and the swiss ally.

For the third time in a row I defended, and as usual I picked the terrain to have a bare plain to use my army speed and better manouver. The 2FE gentle hill was well suited to this.


Davide selected a large wood and a couple of GH. He set up the bowmen superior on his flank in uphill position, the swiss in the center and the RKnS in a reserve position with the franc archers.


After looking at his deployment, my plan was simple: send my LhS corps to attack his archer flank with the ghulams support. In such a way I would threaten the corner of his line. I expected a defensive manouver that would open a bit his defensive system and would let me focus two corps against one. The plan worked


My third corps fixed and engaged the swiss ally with light horses, while the elephants started to manouver aiming at the enemy knights, that were redeployed to support the archer command and engage the indian CvS  


Once in position the LhS charged the IBwI at the end of the enemy line near the french baggage. I wanted to pass there to turn behind the BwS line and towards the baggage. The attack is successful and the franc archers are destroyed. The French CiC try to stop the tide shooting on my turks.


The baggage was looted


the breakthrough let me attack the back of the enemy army. The Dice God helped me with a 6-1 that let my LhS kill the enemy CiC. The turks in blood frenzy charged and destroyed every element. The french CiC loss broke the bwS corps


It was a matter of time.... the french tactical situation was very difiicult. While the PkS were skirmished, the french KnS were engaged by the elephants and the ghulams


 The french player, foreboding the defeat, charged desperately with Pk and Kn my CiC corps, trying to break it. Again his attack was not lethal as should have been, just disheartening the elephant corps, while my CvS countercharge against the KnS broke the french army. Indian victory 22-3


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