Feudal English vs Navarrese

I have organized the english army with four corps: two archers formations, a cavalry wing and a north welsh ally. The CiC has in addition to the archers, also a IKnO reserve under his personal command. The army is quite big and has an interesting mix of troops, but played in a fourth period setting will struggle a lot against the deadly late medieval western armies. By the way, the army can be fun to play, expecially against the historical enemies. If a player is a fan of the feudal period, it is surely a must have.

I met a Navarrese host, attacked, and this was the battlefield

The table was cluttered with terrain and in particular the difficult hill placed in the middle of my deployment area bothered me. I had no room for all my troops. I decided to flank march on the right.

Deploying second I could see the enemy plan. The dismounting IKnO were in the center, while the IKnS were facing the DH. It was evident that the hill was a problem for my opponent too. My archers faced the IKnO, hoping to shoot well on them. The IKnO supported the infantry.

I was quite confident of my IPkF against a double line of IAxS, and having a march there I felt I could win there. The cavalry corps had no room to manouver and was on the far left just to engage and slow the mercenary english corps used by the navarrese. I planned to avoid combat there or to outflank the enemy


The tactical stance was aggressive. I did not want give enemy time to dismount or move forward and minimize my flank march impact. The downside was that I was fighting with a marked inferiority in quality and quantity


The Navarrese slowly started to ready the army for the attack dismounting some IKnO


But the english army was not idle. I advanced and started shooting, with some success. The Navarrese were soon disordered on the left, with not enough room neither enough pips for the elite IKnS, that were out of combat.


The welsh archers kept shooting weakening and further disordering the navarrese nobles


Finally the Navarrese charged home, but the welsh archers proved to be real heroes. They kept their ground. On the right also the infantry formations crushed each one into the other and a deadly melee started


English knights now attacked and took off guard the dismounted gascon men at arms.


Again the navarrese advanced, took casualties from the shooting, and were charged by the english. This time the english CiC chargd the enemy commander, hard flanked, and unhorsed him. Central navarrese corps broke. English knights appeared also behind the navarrese AxS formation.


Once the english flank march entered, the navarrese army was doomed


The battle lasted just some few more rounds. Navarrese were routed. 25-0


A weird battle, I did not expect to survive against the mix of superior troops faced. The difficult hill in my area shambled everything, forcing me to adopt a different plan from what I wanted, and in effect leaving two of my corps out of combat. The same is true for the navarrese that did not use the English ally and all the IKnS. The hero of the day were the welsh archers, that killed three IKnO by shooting and survived the only coordinated charge delivered by the navarrese nobility. Lucky.

I enjoyed a lot playing feudal english, but this is not a killer army imho. You should feel the sensations from your stomach when enemy knights close on the archer line.