ITC 2013 pictures part 3


Lueck's Ugaritic deployed against Terpin's Hittite army


Dave Pallin Sargonid Assyrians are ready to receive Coughlan army attack: the civil war will end with a great victory for the irish player


Boniardi Urartians attack Mondin Lydian echeloned to the right


Savino's Indian 12 IElS were avoided by every opponent facing them


Peters' Italian Condotta advancing towards Wong's Later Hungarians


Marini used all the warwagons allowed in Three Kingdom Chinese army to bolster the poor quality infantry


Neil Fox Ptolemaic army in a defensive set up to cover flanks from Zullich Hsiung Nu


Pictish horde by Marucci ready to resist Rosin's Alan charge


King of Ugarit Lueck leading his army in battle against the evil Assyrians by Vigaṇ


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