II/42 Tamil Indian

Chola Empire army with maxed RBwO

A) Chola

C1- CiCRElO, 2IElO, 6 RBdF, 4 IPsO, 8IBwI, 4 IHdO - 24ME

C2- AGIElO, 2IElO, 8 RBwO, 3 RBdF, 4 IPsO, 2 IHdO - 24ME

C3- AGIElO, 2IElO, 8 RBwO, 3 RBdF, 4 IPsO, 2 IHdO - 24ME

C4- 6 IBgI - 6ME

Army with two allies to push along all enemy front. Not having a lower pip die to assign it can be organized in a balanced way.


B) Tamil, used in the battle report vs Marian Romans

C1- CiC IElO, 2 IElO, 6 IBwO, 6 ICvI, 3 IBdX, 4 IPsO - 27ME

C2- SG IElO, 2 IElO, 12 IBdF, 4 IPsO - 24ME

C3- AG IElO, 2 IElO, 6 IBdF, 6 IBwO, 4 IPsO - 24ME

C4- 6 IBgI - 6ME

Stratagems: Ambush and Concealed Command


C) Chola regular army

C1- CiC RElO, 2 IElO, 5 RBdF, 6 IPsO - 18ME

C2 and C3 - SG RElO, 2 IElO, 8 RBwO, 5 RBdF, 2 IPsO - 24ME

C4- 6 IBgI - 6ME

The CiC should be used in the center with the lower pip die, while the wings should average the higher pips. The idea is to steamroll towards enemy, with 15 RBdF in line supported and screening three elephants packets. The archers can be deployed on the outer wings or intesrpersed with the infantry. High Ag let choose the best formation depending by defender deployment.