Early Croatian appeared often in the campaigns organized in my club, in early byzantine and carolingian period. The army has an interesting mix of cavalry and infantry and I used also in a couple of tournaments under 1.0 rules. I enjoyed using it, so I decided to paint it. While most of manufacterers produce a range of slavic infantry, that appears as ally or mainstay of many dark ages armies, it is more problematic find slavic cavalry, expecially in VI-VIII centuries range.

I collected the miniatures from Essex, Old Glory and Donnington ranges, mixing propers slavs with dark ages figures. The period I wanted to represent was when the Croats were squeezed between Byzantines, Carolingian and Avars, being probably influended by these neighbours.

The army is on sale, and you can contact me at lorenzomele AT

The figure by element list is:

3 mounted general (IKnF or ICvO)

20 cavalry (IKnF or ICvO)

44 infantry (IAxS)

4 javelin skirmishers (4 IPsI)

4 bow skirmishers (IPsO)


The generals. The have a mix of oriental and byzantine equipment. The commander on the left is an Avar from Donnington range.


The noble cavalry


More noble cavalry. It can be used as Cavalry or Knights, giving some flexibility to the list composition


This is the mainstay of the army, the infantry classed as auxilia superior


More infantry. The Croat can dominate the bad going, having also enough troops to fight in open terrain


More Auxilia. These figures could also be used to represent other Slavic tribes, as Wends.