Medieval Byzantine

Most of the army is made with Mirliton miniatures. Originally I designed it as Palaiologan Byzantine, but I have used it to play Trapezuntine, Nikaia and Komnenan byzatines too. Medieval Byzantine often lacks the punch that so many medieval armies have. They are a good combined arms army, and they manouver quite well. They are not easy to use well imho.


Psiloi armed with bow and crossbow. Cheap troops and very useful for different tasks


Bowmen have to be handled with care, because they are not numerous and need flank protection. In the medieval period there are many dangerous opponent , so they need to be well supported. By the way I found them useful in RGo and to help my mounted troops when facing better cavalry.


Armoured kavallarioi. The correct figures are not in commerce, so I used mail armoured horses with early Serbian knights (both from Essex), with mail aventail made with Milliput. Palaiologan Byzantine need all of them.


Light horses. I use them as Turkopoles or Vardariotai. One of the very few excellent assets. They often lead the assault.


Generals. Banners are not decals but painted by hand. I never use them in combat, for I need them to control and manouver the regular byzantine troops.


The bulk of the army, medium cavalry, fielded as RCvO or RCvI. Fragile but quite mobile, they need to be manouvered to exploit any weakness in the enemy line.


Western mercenaries. Latinikon RKnO from Legio Heroica. The shock troops of this army. Supported by LhS can deliver effective charges.


Tzakones Guards, RAxS in game terms. Few but extremely good troops to attacck broken areas.

The whole army has been painted by M.B.