Sea People civil war

A clubmate, Luca has bought a brand new army, Sea People. We decided to test it in a civil war setting, to decided who would be the king. Everybody in the club decided he was the usurper, while I was the rebel


I attacked and I could deploy on my opponent. The armies were different: I used three IBdF infantry corps at 28ME plus a small chariot command, while Luca had just three corps at 32ME, with the left wing command mixing IBdO and chariots. My plan was to echelon the deployment, attacking from left and manouvering the chariots around the enemy right wing


On the right I enjoyed the advantage of having a wider line, so it was there I put more pressure


My plan on the right was ro delay as long as possible the fighting between the infantries, because IBdO could be deadly. The small chariot command under CiC darted forward to slow enemy and force a pip expenditure that would hamper the BdO


The combat started from the left, were the usurper troops charged first. I was quite lucky: no losses taken with two enemy element out


In the center I screened my troops using IPsI to charge first. In the meantime my comnat dice in the left sector were hot: after two combat rounds the losses were 5-0 in my favour


The fighting on the left finished quite soon with the usurper's command breaking. There I was quite lucky.


The plan was working well: the right wings were still unengaged, while a decision was reached on the opposite wing. The game was going to be decided in the center


The broken troops protecting the left flank of the usurper center were being pushed away


Finally I could no more control IBdF on the right and these troops charged impetously


Once the enemy center had the flank exposed, losses were added fast to the casualty tally


Game was finally over. 25-0 with the usurper's fate unknown.

The enemy army composition had the main problem of having on a wing slow not impetous troops and chariots, under s sub general command. This structure was awkard with low pips.