The desert lions strike back - Tuareg in Recco 2011 by F. Terpin


After the excellent performance in Turin of the Tuareg army, I was tempted to change army because the surprise factor was gone. However, due to working commitment I didn't have enough time to test another one. Therefore the Tuaregs should have another go.

The army had the same structure as in Turin with just a couple of small adjustments to optimize the commands:

C1- CinC ICmS, 7 ICmS, 2 ILhI, 2 IPsI, 2 IPsO - 24ME
C2- Sub Gen ICmS, 8 IPsI, 32 IWbF - 26ME
C3- Ally Gen ICmS, 7 ICmS, 8 IPsI - 24ME
C4- Ally Gen ICmS, 8 ICmS, 2 ILhI, 3 IPsO - 25,5 ME
C5- 8 BgI - 8ME
Stratagems: Ambush, Feigned Flight

Considering the other partecipating armies, mainly from western Europe based on Kn/Bw/Bd combinations, the Tuaregs should have the right tools to crack these hard nuts. I should avoid the easterner armies based on masses of Cv/Lh and nellies that can create havoc on my troops.

Against western european armies the doctrine is to use the wb to attack and fix the enemy infantry while concentrate 2 camels commands against one enemy Kn based corps. The third camel command should support the wb protecting their flank. The standard deployment is with the wb in the center, one ally camel corps on each flank with the CiC behind the warbands ready to redeploy in support of one of the allies to generate tactical superiority in one flank. In defence use properly the ambush while the feigned flight has to be used to break an enemy kn formation and lure them in hot pursuit.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

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