Serbians vs Scots Common

In this game I tested the Serbians with a Bosnian ally made just by terrain troops. I was curious to see if having a pip dice dedicated to terrain troops, these could do something useful. The idea was to have some more tactical choice apart the knight charge.

My opponent used a scots common army, so an impressive mass of pikemen, supported by some archers and skirmishers. Not the ideal enemy for the Serbians, but also an excellent opportunity to test the bosnian ally.


I defended, but my terrain picking was not a good one. I chosed two wooded hill, while I should have tried to have a bare battlefield for my light horses. Both Scots flank could rest on difficult going, so I sent a serbian corps to flank march on the left. This let me with few knights, not enough to cover all the enemy army.

My plan was simple. Use the Bosnian to turn the enemy right, the CiC corps to attack the scottis supporting wing, hopefully coordinated with the flank marchs, smash there an turn the enemy flank. The Serbians in the center had just the task to fix the schiltron (pikes and commands were regular so could move at will) and avoid it could manouver to reinforce any flank.


The Serbians advanced on the right, and immediately I lost a IKnS by a 6-1 from artillery. Ouch!!


The initial pips for the ally were good so I split the infantry in a line to fix enemy and in a column to outflank the IPsO position in the wooded hill


Scottish fire was effective, and I lost some troops, while the formation was utterly disordered. The first charge was unsuccessful. The Lh position was also wrong, it would be better have them ready to slip behind the schiltron.


In this battle being impetous was a good advantage. Serbian corps was finally able to charge and destroy the enemy foot, while the scottish player tried to bring in some reinforcement and move back some archers, to keep the corps in the game. The flank march did not enter, so the pikes were sent where they could be more useful.


In the meantime the great part of the schiltron advanced aiming at the central serbian corps. Time to avoid them, I had no chance with so few troops.


Some more charges by th Serbians and finally the Scottish left wing broke. By the time, the CiC corps was out of position to attack the rear of the advancing schiltron.


The Bosnians were slowly gaining ground against the enemy skirmishers when the scottish heavi infantry arrived to help them. My attack to stop them failed


The Scots were too many and soon the combat went bad


Finally the IAxO were forced to retire in the wooded area to save themselves. When time was called, the game was a winning draw for the Serbians: 15-10


This battle could be played much better by me. Wrong terrain, wrong plan and wrong tactic against a tough scottish army. Still the result was decent. This army needs a lot more practice to be used well and still I'm not sure the bosnians are worth. By the way Serbian army is strong