Navarrese vs Later Muslim Indian

My Navarrese army had mixed results. Every time I tried to force a result, I was in danger. I noticed that I needed a careful battle plan, taking the maximum advantage from the terrain.

In this game I attacked, and the table was quite open, except some rough features I set up. I deployed for a defensive battle.


My plan was to use the right hand rough to outflank the enemy, trynig to survive the expected elephant charge. My opponent was quite rash, advancing the nelly corps apparently unsupported. My English ally was unreliable.


I had to wait for the enemy attack. The Indian player had the time to redress the lines and coordinate the attack


The english ally corps was ready. It was evident that it would be activated by enemy attack. The English miniatures are from Khurasan, while the opposing turks are manufactured by Outpost.


The Indian wisely attacked first the formations protecting the navarrese center, to prevent any flank attack on the elephants once engaged. Navarrese IAxS attacks the enemy light infantry near the Bua to try an outflanking


The skirmisher screen is launched to engage the elephants. One of them is able to aim straight to the knights. A very tense combat is going to start


The gascon skirmishers quickly put two beasts out of action, but the third one is rampaging in the navarrese ranks, trampling two section of knights, surviving a flank attack and charging more enemy mounted


The Elephant attack is not well coordinated and the indian cavalry is not able to exploit the confusion created by the nellys charge. The Norman IKnS are sent in combat in small groups, engaging the enemy in the best possible conditions, while the infantry keep the line


The combat in the center is bloody. Soon the small gascon IKnO corps is routed, while the large indian CiC corps is disheartened after the loss of the last elephant


The Indian army suddenly collapsed. The Indian center broke, disheartening the ILhS. These were pounded volley after volley by the english longbowmen, breaking in turn. Just in time, because also the navarrese center was disheartened.

The game ended with a 20 to 5 victory for Navarra.

The battle was a success for the navarrese infantry that held well and let the few knights to deliver decisive charges. The english, initially unreliable, behaved very well thanks to the excellent position.

The Indian did not supported the elephant corps but used well his reserve, that kept the battle in balance once the first line was lost, going near a last second victory in a series of charges and countercharges between ghilman and navarrese knights.