IV / 75 Timurid

C1- CiC RCvS, 4 IElO, 4 RCvS, 4 IPsO, 4 IExPO - 24ME

C2- SG RCvS, 4 RCvS, 8 ILhS, 2RCvO - 24ME

C3- SGRCvS, 6 RCvO - 12ME

C4- 6 IBgI

Stratagem (5AP): Exagerating army size

The stratagem is destinated to C3, so opponent will use too many troops to attack it or will let it alone. C1 and 2 should take the brunt of the attack. Charge in waves on the selected flank, with Expendable followed or flanked by Elephants and CvS. The army is not large, so cannot survive a prolonged attrition. Identify the weak part of the line, destroy it and roll the enemy army.