Deus Lo Volt - The battle of Iconium

The campaign went on after the vanguard clash near Dorylaeum. The Crusaders reorganized their host, gathered food and water, and keep advancing aiming at the city of Icolium, the main obstacles to reach the armenian lands.

The Turks could not keep harassing the enemies, because a lot of infighting stopped them: the Sultan Dijjei Arslan was assassinated and Shum Merrat (Armenian renegade Ghilman chief and CinC) forced to flee from Iconium, because everybody thought he was guilty. In Iconium there were riots, and a civil war was risked. In the end Al Moris Arslan, son of Dijjei and the organizer of the assassination plot, became Sultan and leader of the army that, much reduced by desertions, met the Crusaders.

The two hosts met one day away from Iconium.

Both armies had 5 corps, each one lead by one player. The Crusaders were GofFred of Buglione, BoeMarco of Taranto, Raincenzo IV of Toulouse, Dennis II of Flandre and Carugo di Vermendois. The Turks were lead by the Sultan Al Moris Arslan, and the tribal chief Paghilistan, Kannarozzogha, Killerozzogha and Trpn Ibn Fabr.

The Crusader army was 1200 AP, the Seljuq turks 1100AP.



















With this battle, the campaign was over: the Crusader army has been destroyed. The campaign winner was Al Moris Arslan, that reached both his secret goals

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