Battle of Capua - Fall 69A.D.

Another battle near Rome, another decisive fight. Vitellius studied with care the tactic, and decided to exploit the well known Vindex's shyness to committ his inferior quality legion in the fray.

After two battles Vindex tactic was discussed by all rebel commanders and it had some weak points.

Galba planned to deploy his better legions in one long line, one deep with almost no reserve, and try to gain superiority on both wings. This would have forced Vindex to struggle on the flanks and to commit the BdI. It was a gamble, but the goal was the victory.


The battlefield seen from Vindex's side. There were two flat rough on the left, brown template, and some difficult going in the rear of Galba army. The table was very open.

Galba's army can be seen stretched, with a cavalry corps in the center to be used as reserve. Vindex, defender but second to deploy, decided to target the thin enemy line and destroy it with the sheer numbers. The Numidians were far to the right targeted to the rebel camp (the elements were still in the box when I took the picture)


The first turn. Galba pushed on with aggressivity, sticking to his plan, while Vindex rolling three 1s for PiPs was halted. Numidians start their outflank.


Vindex as soon he could reacted swiftly to Galba. The center was engaged first. This was the first element of risk in the rebel plan: The outflanking wings were engaged much later. The Emperor committed two corps versus one overstretched. Galba sent part of his cavalry to the right wing to gain superiority even there. Risk added to risk, for the center was negleted. Galba was determined to win.


All this while the baggage was at the mercy of the marauders. Vinde correctly assessed that killing one large corps and the baggage would have given him the victory.


The first blood was a rebel BdO. Galba CiC BdO immediately stepped in and closed the gap. From this point the rebel center had no reserves.


The troops locked in combat. While on the left wing Galba was steadily exploiting his superiority, all along the line Vindex's losses mounted.


The doomed baggage


Galba troops control was keener. On the right he withdrew the exposed Ax that were swarmed by enemy Ps. Vindex made many small tactical mistakes, that in the end doomed him. Look for example at the two blades attacked by front and flank by enemy cavalry.

True is that Vindex troops fough not very well (i.e. horrible combat dice). At this point the two loyal corps committed versus the lone overstretched had a combat records of 11 lost elements to 4.


On the far left, Galba is mauling the loyalist wing.


Rebel CiC kills the second element in front of him. Vindex's legions are disheartened. Galba corps is one element away from that, but has the cavalry support in position.


Vindex center broke and losses transmission dishertened the right wing too. Vindex seemed doomed.


Galba right wing became finally disheartened.


The final turn was breathtaking. Vindex failed to kill the isolated enemy Ax in the pic lower right corner that would have broken the enemy corps and possibly given him a victory.

The rebel cavalry charge failed as well, but on the far left another outburst of awful combat dice broke Vindex army.


A nice match. Galba played well, made a very risky plan, executed it staying focused. He had excellent combat dice too. He deserved to win.

Vindex played badly, was unlucky and neverless came close to snatch a victory.

Long Life to Galba, the new Emperor!!!!


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