II / 71 Gepid










Gepid with Herul ally


C1- CiC IKnF, 10 IKnF, 8 IPsO - 30ME

C2- SG IKnF, 18 IWbO, 6 IPsO - 18ME

C3- SG IKnF, 9 IKnF, 12 IPsO - 30ME

C4- Herul AllyG IKnF, 4 IKnF - 12ME

C4 6 IBgI - 6

Stratagem (10AP) - Feigned flight

The foot command shoud deploy the Wb 3 deep and be targeted on any enemy foot. KnF should cover C2 flanks and engage any mounted attacking it.

C4 can be used as reserve, flank march o delayed.