Medieval Indian

This army has been designed to be Chola Empire, but I have used it also as core for Later Muslim Indian, Arab Indian and Hindu Indian. The miniature are all from Outpost.

Sooner or later I will expand it with some indian cavalry to play Guptas too.


The Generals mounted on elephants. They are very expensive in a regular version and very brittle. True is that opponent are often scared to be on the receiving end of their charge. I have always the dilemma if deploy them in front or keep them shielded.


The Indian shock division. Powerful if well supported, the elephant charge often wins or loses the game


Regular archers, I like to deploy them on the wings to deal with enemy mounted.


The infantry shock troops, RBdF. I think they are a useful asset. I rarely brigade them with elephants, because an interspered formation tend to be disrupted by elephant follow up.


Irregular archers, are decent combat troops if I look for firepower


Humble but valuable PsO. They are essential


IAxI dregs. No other way to call them


Always been curious why they are called "Left hand troops" It doesn't sound well, but the miniature are nice.

As camp guards they have an important task


Army painted by Luca Mele