Sapa Inca

For the DBMM100 Apocalypto tournament I chosed to play an Inca army made with the beautiful Lurkio miniatures. The army is composed mostly by RAxO and IPsO, not exactly elite troops, but has two good fatures: the baggage is regular and it can manouver quite well in difficult going. This is my list.

CiC RAxS, 3 RAxS, 16 RAxO, 6 IPsO, 2 RBgI - 22ME

Round 1

I played against Pizarro conquistadores in a battlefield that was perfect for the Inca. (Table were pre set and assigned randomly).

The Conquistadores deployed in a defensive position, and sent the cavalry on the far left as a bait. I hooked and sent there a big infantry force, while tried to outflank the gully with my psiloi on the right.

The Spanish cunningly withdrew the RKnS sending them on the opposite flank, so I had to bolster that position with two column of RAxO.

Once I committed my troops, I faced the spanish RBwS that machingunned most of my infantry. The survivors were trampled by the conquistadores knights.

I lost 11- 14 and was lucky that the terrain was so closed that the spanish could not follow up their success to wipe out my army.

Round 2

My opponent was another Inca army, but of a later period than mine. It fielded the general on palanquin, and a large numbr of mita troops, IAxI. The battlefield was quite open.

My plan was to try to win on the wings, thanks to the better quality of my troops. I manouvered the nobles on the left wing to engage the enemy RAxO, while my line infantry attacked also on the right aiming at the enemy skirmishers in the vineyard.

I made a mistake that proved decisive. I charged with my general upfront, and he was not able to kill the enemies. For some turns I had a +1 pip penalty, and my pip die was also quite low. The army, out of control, was hammered by the enemy, that destroyed my center thanks to the litter boost.

The battle was quite bloody, my army broke after an hard fight in the vineyard. 5-20 to the later Incas.

Round 3

I was in the bottom part of the classment, and my Incas had to fight another civil war. Enemy was surely a rebel rovincial governor, because had minimal nobles and a lot of peasent sling armed!

My plan was to attack the enemy left flank using the nobles as shock troops. The provincial Incas, with the larger skirmisher force, aimed at the vineyard.

My plan could be succesfull, but I marched my general too far from the right flank that was out of command. This hampered me a lot, because I wasn't able to exploit the successful attack on the left. The game was a confused affair.

Battle finished 14-11. This time a lost opportunity for my Incas.

Round 4

The fourth round I met an Aztec army, on a battlefield with some woods. My plan was simple, engage the enemy IAxI with y better troops and destroy them before the aztec military orders could attack my line infantry

The plan worked because I had very hot combat dice. Enemy center was destroyed in very short order, opening the way to the enemy baggage. When aztec military orders engaged Inca RAxO, they started to take casualties, ending the game very quickly. 25-0 to Inca

Round 5

The last and decisive game was against a Mixtec army. I adopted a defensive deployment, fearing the much more numerous enemy AxS.

The Mixtec attacked hard, aiming my RAxO force with his better troops. I counter manouvered sending Inca nobles on the far right, chasing IAxO.

My opponent, with his inner flank exposed, decided to echelon the AxS and withdraw the IAxO. His pips were quite low by he way, so to haste the attack and save at the same time the IAxO, he left behind the IPsO reserve

When combat started on the left, my worst quality was somehow compensed by larger number and by the wood bastion that gave me a flank advantage. Again I had hot combat dice, and the AxS attack force was wiped out for a 25-0 vicotry.

The surprise was that this result let me jump ahead, in the more shameful submarine style.

The Inca proved a nice army, not very powerful but able to fight every opponent thank to troops able to manouver. The tournament was very fun, and my club will organize it again.


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