Game 1 vs Ancient British. Milano 11/2010

My first game was versus an ancient british army. The match up was good for my troops. The terrain was quite interesting

I was on the left. I put down a huge GH on the right. On my baseline there was a wood, facing two DH on the other side of the table. On the far left, a gully touched the table edge. I guessed the enemy would have used the many difficult features to protect the WbF, so I decided to put the mass of my army on the right, trying to swing around the enemy flank.


This picture is taken after my first bound. I moved second. The british deployed just two corps well back, an infantry one in the center, and a second one facing the open wing, with more WbF and a reserve of LChO and LhO. My opponent rolled 4 pip dice, and a flank march entered on my right.

My reaction was to form column and side open the CiC corps, manouvering a small group from left to right to have a reserve and stretching the center corps to cover the CiC.

My plan was to destroy the flank march before it could be supported, then attack frontally and by the side the exposed enemy wing


 On the second turn, the british rolled a 5 and declared a flank attack on my left. The first flank march was made by wbF and LhO. My opponent didn't advance with all his line, and this gave me the opportunity to attack the isolated corps.


The second corps had good pips so I took the height advantage. The plan was to keep the enemy wing away the time needed to break the flank march. There I attacked immediately.


The left flank march corps was made just by light chariots. I decided to move away my left corps, I wasn't interested to fight there.

In the meantime the LhO slowly started to die, while the WbF provd more resilent.


The chariots marched hard and were able to intercept me


My left was plagued by low pips and I could not avoid the enemy pressure. The enemy flank march was broken, and the huns started to outflank the enemy wing


In this phase of the battle we both pushed hard on a flank



I attacked from he hill, and my opponent, looking at the threath around his flank, accepted the fight. I started losing elements.


The CiC corps manouvered behind the enemy army, closing to its rear. I was finally able to organize a decent combat line on my left.

The turn after this picture was taken,  the rear attack broke the right enemy corps and the ancient british army. 25-0

My army had an advantage, the match up was good for me. The enemy double flank attack was an interesting plan, but could have worked just if all enemy corps would had made pressure versus my army by all side.

My opponent made the mistake to not engage his center. This would have created big trouble to me. The center passive stance gave me the opportunity to attack the enemy piecemal, with the inner lines advantages. Once one of the ring section was gone, I was able to flood around the more static enemy and take it from the rear


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