Comnenan Byzantine vs Later Crusaders

Comnenan Byzantine is another army that I found difficult to properly organize and play. There are too many troops I would like to use and not enough AP,

The version I played this time has Alexius himself leading, four regular corps and the Hidden Obstacles. Organizing it to have all the tools is a nightmare.

My opponent used an irregular four corps Later Crusader army with Syrian ally.


I attacked  and put down two orchards to hamper the rigid enemy formations. My HO were covered by CvO and put in a position to let me create hard flanks, thanks to the barrier the orchard was to enemy troops. My plan had the Varangians as a reserve with the idea to engage the enemy Sp, but the enemy set up showed me that would I send them to the center, I could not held the numerous enemies on the right. I decided to wait and see enemy advance to send them against enemy crossbowmen or to support the RbwI. CiC with LhS and RKnF had the task to engage the leftermost IKnO and hopefully destroy them.

The Crusaders planned a general advance with Syrian CvO outflanking and Hospitallers as army reserve.


The enemy attacked on the right, while I waited for the trap to sprung. My CiC on the left positioned to threaten enemy IKnO


Byzantine position on the far right was dangerous


Finally the Crusaders entered the trap


The hidden obstacles helped greatly the Byzantine, that in two combat rounds killed 4 IKnO from a 24ME corps


The Byzantine vanguard attacked on the right wing


The Crusaders enjoyed the advantage on the right wing. Would the Imperal troops hold their ground?


Also the general from the crusader central corps hit the caltrops charging the kavallarioi


The arrow barrage did not stop the Syrian corps that charged home. Moments of fear on byzantine side


The frankish infantry turned the tide in the center


The byzantine archers unexpectedly were winning their fight with the Syrians, while the Varangians paid an high price to defend their position


After a failed first charge, Comnenos lead his men to victory on the left wing


Byzantine foot performance was decisive to win the day


The last fight, breaking two crusader corps. 22-3 for the Comnenian


Hidden Obstacles put one enemy corps out of action and were extremely useful. The battle was won on the wings by the way. Should the right corps be trampled, as was apparent at the beginning of the fight, the result would have been very different.