Ottoman Turk

Ottoman is a must have army. It is very important for all the campaigns and scenarios set in the balkans that we routinely play in the club, for many interesting battles that can be refought and last but not least, because is very strong. This army is very nice to play, because has some unique features and is also quite colourful and with gorgeous troops to paint.

There are many manufacturers that have released an Ottoman Turk range. After some research, I have chosen to buy Old Glory miniatures. Close second was Donnington, but these two ranges have a different figure size, so I decided to buy all the army from a single manufacturer.

Imho Old Glory reinassance range, including Ottoman, Ming Chinese, Samurai Japanese and Koreans, is truly gorgeous, the very best among all the ancient armies they have released. Each pack has a good variety of poses, and equipment seems to be correct. As example, most of the Sipahis cavalry on the marked are unarmoured and in a typical lance and shield pose. Take a look below and see the difference from Essex Sipahis, for example.

The painting job, including basing and magnetic strips, was made by a french painter, Laurent Groscolas. I was satisfied, he made his historical research and I had to give very few hints. He already did my Marian Romans and he is a pro.


The three army generals


Qapukulu cavalry. Very nice miniatures, the armours are very similar to the ones exposed in Topkapi museum in Istanbul.


Heavy Sipahis. To recognize ICvS from ICvO, the superor cavalry is partly lance armed and better equipped. Lance flags help too.


More Sipahis. The ICvO is armed with bow or hand weapons.


Akinjis. Old Glory has also a pack of them javelin armed, but I preferred to show them all using bows


Balkan light cavalry, to be used as ILhS or ILhO


Crimean Tartars, RLhS. To note that they have the rear wing.


Serbian vassals.


Jannissary archers. I like red uniforms, they stand out on the battlefield


Janissary skirmishers, as crossbowmen or arquebusers


The artillery corps. Wheeled guns are probably a bit later, but I did like the models


Levendat, an humbly but very important part of the army


Azabs archers


Azab skirmishers, a few with handgun and most of them with bow


Armoured Voynuks


Spearmen or yayalars


Warwagons. These are from Museum


Army baggage. This and much more is included in the camp pack from OG