ITC 2012 Pictures part 2


Greg Mann Nikephorian Byzantines. Both Byzantines armies did very well, and fought a civil war on round 2


Herbert Wong Low Country troops. The army was extremely well painted, with correct heraldry. Herbert is one of DPS owners, so we should have expected that.


David Pallin war of the Rose English army. Another small and very tough host. Dave was the top scorer in his team and contribuited hugely to the deserved final second place


Fabio Fassan Turgesh Central Asian Turks did well in the third period pool, probably the toughest one


Diego Zullich Patrician Romans were the top scorer in the second pool. A very mobile army with some punch thanks to 4 RKnF and 4RKnX


Mike Pickering army fielded the might Julius Caesar and the Xth legion


David Houston Macedonians face the large array of Thracians, lead by Neil Fox


Nikephorian Byzantine civil war, with Greg Mann and Thomas Kimmerle both claiming the imperial purple


Richard Aynsley Vietnamese face on a quite open battlefield the Kushans lead by Dennis Peroni


Fabio Terpin Hittites fought very well for the first three rounds and failed just in the last battle against early Lybians


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