Sea People vs Neo Assyrian

The worst possible enemy to meet for Sea People are warband armies, followed by massed knights. In this battle I faced a Neo Assyrian army, with the typical composition of three corps, two of them made by KnS. A very intersting game to play, to see if sea people could have a chance.


I was the attacker, and chosed two rocky hills 1 FE large. The Assyrian tried successfully to reduce the combat sector. Looking at the battlefield, I had no choice and flank marched from the left. I tried to set up back to gain some turns and have the marching corps arrive in combat in due time.


Assyrians lost no time, and as soon were deployed in line advance straight forward


Once they were in charge reach, I had no choice and had to charge out from the wood in the center, and attack on the right too to exploit the two overlaps. Well, while unsuccessful in the center, I killed with a 6-1 the Assyrian CiC


This very lucky combat roll let me confident, because I expected to destroy the enemy Ax in the center. I was wrong. In two combat rounds I lost 7 IBdF killing no assyrian. The enemy was on full rampage. The situation was better on the right, because the Assyrian had very few reserves and there I could slowly destroy the chariot corps with several hard flank attacks


The flank march arrived on turn six, too late. The assyrian chariots were too forward and I tried to block them engaging sea people light chariots. The goal was to give IBdF time to close, but the assyrian cavalry action denied this option.


In few more combat rounds I lost both the central and the chariot corps


In the meantime the sea people right wing could reorganize and advance against the exposed flank of the assyrian infantry, that having low pips was slow to react


Sea people this time made their duty, slaughtering assyrian infantry and killing their commander. Assyrian broke with a final score of 17-8 for Sea people.

A very tough game. Assyrian had a major stroke of bad luck losing soon the CiC, but his advance was almost reckless, with no reserves and no screen. Still getting banged on a 6-1 is not nice. The coin reverse was the demise of the sea people in the center and on the left wing. They died to a man killing no enemy elements, even when charging enjoing hard flanks and backs advantage.

The battle was a real carnage, with huge losses. The crucial factor, apart the uselessness of the flank march, was the command problem the assyrian had with the low pip dice. While the left chariot wing enjoyed too many, once the pip dried in the center, the assyrian infantry could not react to the threat from the exposed flank and was destroyed. A nice tense game