Southern Dynasty Chinese vs Murabits

This game was between two infantry armies extremely different in design and with interesting match ups. Looking at the army lists, one could guess the berber spearmen would be doomed against the chinese combination of Bd, WbF and cataphracts, but the tactical situation was a bot more complicated.


The chinese defended, and was able to protect both the flanks. The Murabit placed a gentle hill the dominated the battle line and would prove decisive. The first problem for the SDC was that, having a combined army, and deploying first, let the opponent to pick up the match ups. Having all the infantry irregular and clumsy, he could not redeploy at will.


The Murabits enjoyed a superiority in skirmishers, both in quality than in number. They attacked the left flank, where the SDC gace the lower pip dice, to push away the enemy flank guard and roll the line.


The Murabit attacked fast in the center, where they had RSpO facing IBwI supported by IBdF, and also on the left wing, with a swarm of skirmishers. Having deployed first they neutralized enemy WbF with a cloud of IPsO sitting uphill in front of them. The Murabits manouvered well and charged the chinese archers without letting the opponent to use the IBdF


Chinese situation was getting desperate. The left flank guard was losing ground, and the bowmen were destroyed by the spearmen. The SDC decided to attack the enemy ILhO screening the ICmS and try to turn the situation. A big risk attack by the way. The murabit skirmishers were destroyed by the cataphracts, but in the rear the camels were ready for a downhill charge....


The Murabit charge was deadly, killing in one combat round 5 cataphracts including the chinese CiC


The SDC right corps fell, disheartening the chinese center. The SDC conceeded. The game was quite interesting. The Murabit took advantage of the numerous skirmishers, and he had of the possibility to pick the match ups. The chinese, with low aggressivity and static infantry, had no way to counter this. The only mobile elements in his army, the cataphracts, could not be manouvered at will being pinned by the task to hold a sizeable portion of the front line.