Uighur vs Burgundian Ordonnance

Another go for my Uighur army, that has a poor scoring so far. This time I used it in a fourth period game, without the Tibetan ally to raise the corps BP.

My opponent had a Burgundian Ordonnance, with the inert CiC. A big and difficult army to fight.


I defended and tried to have a bare table. It was too bare, and I decided to not flank march, not being sure if and where my opponent could corner sit.

This is the starting turn. It looked nasty for the Turks, with the right corps far away from enemy and the left wing facing mounted BwS with the perfect terrain to fight in.



The good news was the big GH in the center that I was going to seize and use to protect my army from enemy battery. I decided to risk and to engage enemy Bw to slow them and gain the needed time to let my right enter combat. In the meantime I aimed at the big enemy battery to pierce the center and create mayhem.


My left had poor pips, and the attack was badly coordinated. To my surprise the enemy higher pip was in the center, so also the Burgundian needed some time to deploy in battle formation.


I managed to charge the enemy line in two sectors. I suffered big losses but was able t destroy the enemy artO battery


ILhF were mauled on the far left, and I used their speed to pull back as fast I could. My attack in the center was also a failure but Burgundian had to commit his BwX/S to face my infantry masses


My left wing was destroyed. At this point the game was over for me, My army flank was open to BdS and BwS and I had just clumsy troops near the hole.

By the way I decided to go on and see what would have happened on the right.


From this point the game had a big change: Burgundian rolled for several turns a couple of 1s for pips, moving no troops. The winning corps with he massed RBwS was paralized. My BwI killed two double based RBwX/S, and behind them there were no reserves. Last but not least, My right wing cavalry charged


I threw in all the mounted avalaible, and the charge was highly successful


The central burgundian corps is wiped, and the Burgundian CiC leading the pip dump corps is surrounded and paralized by lack of pip. An unbelieveble come back for the Uighurs, that can score a 19-6.

What to say? Never give up!