The sword and the cross pictures part 2

More battle pictures


Cypriot defender decided to fight early Crusaders in an open plain. The plan turned out to be bad when lusignan Bw had no terrain advantage facing BdS and Kn.


Sicilian put down a big difficult in the later Crusader half, and proceeded to concentrate his whole army agains half enemy, that being inert could not reinforce fast the endangered sector. Brilliant sicilian plan and victory.


Ayyubids on the lft achived an early advantage breaking the early Hungarian right, but were defeated when hungarian flank march entered and attacked the egyptian rear.


Pecheneg panzer division advances. The Comnenan byzantine was able to skirmish enemy center and break a light horse wing


The perfect plan that did not work. The Dynastic Bedouin army was concentrated on the right, where North african muslims marched a Tuareg ally.

The Tuareg showed on the table on the last round, while the Bedouin proceeded to destroy everything in front of them.