Sarissa pictures part 3

These are some battle played on round three


On table one the pool leaders Seleucid and Polybian fight a bloody game. The legionaries this time lose the direct confrontation with the seleucid heavy infantry.

23-2 for the Macedonians


The Camillan Roman defends and uses terrain to protect his smaller army from the Messagetai. The Roman cavalry corps this time will not be able to smash the enemy wing. The battle will end with a 13-12 for the Skythians


The Kappadokians in full redeployment manouver while they try to outflank Alexander Macedonian. The manouver will be quite successfull but the Kappadokian, more mobile but also lighter, will not be able to break the whole enemy army. 14-11 to kappadokians



The Campanian defenders were able to put down some terrain to protect the flanks of their legions. The battle will be a protracted skirmish on the wings, with the center not engaging, afraid  of each other. 13-12 to Alexander IMperial


Lysimachid troops deploys in a strong defensive position. The Parthian attacked but once in the confined space, had huge pip problems. Lysimachid counterattacked using the better C3 and the powerful phalanx, destroying the opponent in a bloody combat. 23-2 for the Lysimachid


Pergamene uses the terrain to fix the Seleucid enemy and manouvers to outflank it. The Seleucid cooly attacked the weakened front, keeping the Pergamene at bay on the right flank. 14-11 for Seleucid.


Galatian civl war. The picture is taken from the side of the winner, that kept on the table just two small cavalry corps flank marching the huge infantry corps. He was able to survive in the first turns the enemy attacks, and once the infantry entered, rolled the enemies, ending the game 1ME short from victory. 14-11 for the Galatian (one of them)