Marian Roman vs Lakhmid

Marian Roman army list has several options. I decided to use Cassius and Brutus and field an army with a big cavalry wing. Low quality, but quantity could be a quality in itself I have read.

This is the list used: C1- CiC RCvO, 12 ICvI, 16 ILhF - 36ME; C2- SGRCvO, 16 RBdO, 8 IPsO - 28ME; C3- SGRCvO, 6 RAxS, 4 RPsO, 2 ILhO - 18ME plus 6 regular baggage fast.

My opponent used a Pre Islamic Arab with a sassanid ally. I attacked and this was the table


My plan was to focus on a wing, try to destroy the enemy cavalry to outflank and roll the clumsy enemy center.


The sassanid was unreliable, and this helped me because the enemy left did not advance, giving me time to open the light horses and push forward. It was a race, because I had to pierce and destroy the enemy before the much larger arab right wing could outflank me.


I deployed to defend my right and advanced


Roman light horse fast charged first. I was quite confeident, enjoing the advantage of having a reserve line


While enemy infantry advanced to engage the legions, the cavalry on the left wing fough a bitter combat


After two charges I wasn't able to pierce the enemy line


The situation wasn't good, I made no progress, while the arabs advanced thratening my right flank



Roman cavalry performance was terrible, I kept sending in reserves to replace the losses. The casualties difference activated the Sassanid


Roman right wing was near the breaking point, and the Arabs attacked it all along the line. Legionaries charged the enemy center enjoying some initial success.


With the demise of the cavalry wing, the legions were isolated in the center.


The infantry fight was bloody with a lot of losses for both the armies


The legions fought well, but it was too little and too late. 2-23 for the Arabs

Well, a failed experiment. The high BP didn't make for the low quality, at least in this game. 8 ICvO are better than 12 ICvI. Probably next time I will use both the cavalry types and no ILhF.