II / 36 Greco Bactrian - Indian

A) Greco Indian

C1- CiC RCvO, 4 IElO, 12 IPkF, 4 IPsO, 4 ILhO, 2 ICvI - 28ME

C2- SG RCvO, 16 RPkO, 4 RPsO - 24ME

C3- SG RCvO, 8 IBwO, 8 RAxS, 4 IPsO, 2 ILhO - 26ME

C4- 6 IBgO - 6ME

Stratagems (10AP): Ambush

This army works very well in broken terrain, that must be used when facing an enemy having better cavalry (i.e. always).

The Elephants and pikes in C1 are excellent attack troops and should receive the higher pip dice, while C3 if deployed in rough going can be a tough nut. As most of the hellenistic armies, the pike phalanx is effective even with the low pip dice, and this gives a marked advantage in command and control.