Battle of Argentoratum 357 A.D.

The Battle of Argentoratum (also known as the battle of Strasbourg) , was fought in 357 A.D. between the Late Roman army under the Caesar and future Emperor Julian and the germanic Alamanni confederation led by king Chnodomar.

The battle was the climax of Julian's campaigns in 355-7 A.D. to evict barbarian marauders from Gaul and to restore the Roman defensive line of fortifications along the Rhine, which had been largely destroyed during the Roman civil war of 350-3 A.D..

Although probably outnumbered by a substantial margin, Julian's army won a complete victory after a hard-fought struggle.


This battle have been scaled to be played using DBMM200 on a 120 cm by 90 cm table

The army have been scaled to 500 men for each element. Alamanni have 25.000 men versus 15.000 Romans.

The army lists are:

Later Romans - 45,5ME

C1) CiC Brilliant RCvO (Julianus), 10 RBdO, 6 RAxS, 4 RPsO, 2 RCvO, 1 RLhO, 1 RLhF, 2 RKnX - 32ME

C2) SG RCvO (Severus), 3 RAxS, 1 RPsO - 9,5ME

C4- 2 RBgO, 4TF - 4ME

Alamanni 36ME

1) CiC ICvO (Chnodomar), 32 IWbO, 4 IWbS, 4 ICvO, 4 IPsS - 30ME

2) SG ICvO (Serapio), 4 IPsO - 6ME


In the map above is shown the historical set up and the terrain.

The only relevant feature is a wood on the alamannic right.

The Alamanni set up with skirmishers in the wood, warband in a single 12x3 elements mass, with WbS not in first line and the supported Cv on the left.

Romans have the cavalry on the right, the infantry in the center in two lines, the first with 8 BdO and 4 supported AxS, the second with 2 BdO and 4 RAxS as reserve, while the small Severus' corps faces the wood.

Weather is fine and the full battle is fought in daylight. Alamanni set up first and move first.


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