ITC 2012 Pictures part 1


Richard Aynsley impressive Vietnamese "wall of crap style" army. He had a very good saturday score breaking both his opponents in two bloody battles, then he lost the surprise effect and suffered on sunday.


Dave Mather Andalusians. Despite having no quality troops this army was solid and large, and did quite well with 67 points.


Stefano Tonini Dynastic Bedouins. He suffered a lot the BwX and was not able to cope with them, but had his glory moments facing the irish and bulldog players.


Jim Gibson nasty Sea Peoples. A surprisingly effective army.



Maurizio Cisotto Babylonians. He was the Wild Bunch team top scorer, fighting four good games.


Gael Richard Gallic host. He was the sole french player, and showed how french warrior fought


Dennis Peroni Kushans. The army was badly defeated on saturday, but came back in vengeance on sunday.


Massimo Vecchia Mongols attack Chris Jolley 100yw English. The strong defensive position will not save the foot archers from the Mongol fury.


Stefano Grombi Patrician Romans in a strong defensive position ready to counterattack


Marco Guarnieri Alexander Imperial army deployed. Being high quality, it suffered mobile opponents that presented no target for its heavy shock troops.


Simone Fantini beautiful Later Achemenid Persian army face Ian MacKay dangerous mounted barbarians


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