Sarissa pictures part 1

Here follows some pictures of the battles fought in the tournament


Kappadokian tries to outflank the Galatian army using terrain to protect the flanks.  The Galatian galatian cavalry in the center will fight valiantly beating off any enemy thrust, for a 14-11 final result


Cammillan Romans invade Parthian plains. The latin cavalry will smash enemy light horses, but the parthian cataphracts would be successful on the left, beating princeps and triari and destroying the roman army. 19-6 to the Parthians


A pike clash. Alexander imperial faces Seleucus. The seleucids have the phalanx side exposed but their pikes destroy in short order the macedonian center before this can exploit the tactical advantage. 15-10 to Seleucids


The Campanian army, scared by the Galatians, hide behind difficult and rough hills, leaving the brunt of the fight to the Samnite allies.

These will be wiped after a sally from the steep hill. 14-11 to Galatians


Later Macedonian charges the Hellenistic Greek line. The macedonian shock power will prevail over the nimble but lighter greek troops. 22-3 to the Macedonians