The desert lions strike back - Fourth game

Game 4 against the Italian Condotta with Swiss Ally

The Tuaregs, after the utter defeat against the Post Mongol Russian, were sailing in the middle pack. There was only one way to catch the podium, it’s through a big win. In a fine mild spring day, the new invader turned out to be Italian Condotta who lost its compass and went a bit too far south. The desert lions met them in a rich water rough area, full of camel friendly terrains. This time the initiative was of the Tuareg and the Italian “Comandante” had to deploy first. The central sector was dominated by a 1FE difficult hill that cut it  in two the battlefield. The Comandante Luciano decided to deploy the Swiss on the left of the DH with their shoulders resting on the SF and D. His bigger KN command went behind the hill screened by 8 PSS. Then, on the right of the DH, stood the smaller KN command. The Tuareg sheik observed carefully the Condottieri deployment and decided to deal the Swiss threat with his WB supported by the ambushing camels of Ally B. The PS of the WB command went in ambush on the DH with the task to seize it. As usual, the CinC went behind the Wb command ready to reinforce one of the allies. Ally A was deployed back on the left refusing the flank.


As the Italian Comandante saw the Tuareg horde, he decided to redeploy the Swiss in support of the small KN command  and covered the Swiss position moving in place the bigger KN command. This happened during the 3 turns of dusk during which the Tuaregs looked at the dust clouds of the Swiss/Italian dancers. As the sun rise over the horizon, the Wb pushed forward while the ambushing Ps advanced to seize the central DH. The Ally B ambushing camels stood quite in the oasis waiting for the KN deployment while their General and his LH bodyguards went on the open flank. The CinC started moving toward the left flank to support the ally A against the approaching small KN command and his Swiss ally who were still in march column.

In the next three bounds Ally A supported by the CinC engaged and destroyed the small KN command. On the Tuareg right flank the bigger KN command realized to be in trouble and tried to pull off through the SF but was overcome by the Wb and Cm and cut in pieces.


With two condottieri commands broken the Swiss, already in a square formation, withdrew from the field with the honour of the arms.  

With a 25-0 win I could had a chance to get a podium position. Unluckily, the Tuaregs weren’t the only one who  got a big win, they got 71 points enough to get the infamous “wood” medal.

Overall assessment: Once again, the Tuaregs performed well. In a defence they are extremely difficult to beat as the desert terrain is friendly to them. In 8 tournament games I never had favourable weather. My adversary learnt very well the wx table. I wished had fought the battle against the Russian in a sand storm! IMHO, I think the Tuareg are better suited to fight in a 4th book competition where their quantity can overcome the better quality of the western armies. In a 3rd book competition where LHS armies are at home, the Tuaregs are at risk as they will be charged by the LHS; the fight at low factor is extremely dangerous and the trade is in favour of the LH as one CMS is 2 ME against one ME for a LHS.

The Tuareg campaign is over with a grand total of 148 point in 8 games (6 win and 2 loss), nothing bad for a underdog army!

The desert is waiting for his beloved sons, it’s time for retirement!

Be aware of the desert lions........................


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