Deus Lo Volt - The First Crusade

After the success of the campaign played with Romans and Sassanid, our club started a new kriegspyle style campaign again, based loosely on the first Crusade.

The Crusader army, gathering nobles and troops from all over Europe, is lead by GofFred of Buglion. After having left Nicea, the army, on the road to Dorylaeum, is ambushed by Seljuqs. Trpn ibn Fabr the Circassian and Paghilistan, commanding tribal troops and ghazis, disobey the Sultan orders and instead of retreating and gathering with all the Seluqs army attacks. Dennis II of Flandre is leading the vanguard, and readies to stand the enemy onslaught waiting for the other crusaders to join him.









So it ended the first clash between opposing armies. The Crusaders got a bloody nose, were delayed but were not stopped in their advance. The Seljuqs withdrew, having realized how large was the enemy army. It was time to call in more troops.