Eastern Ts'in vs Western Huns

For this game I tried a southern dynasty chinese army mainly based on infantry. This army has the big advantage of fielding supported infantry, and this is a marked advantage when fighting enemy mounted. Being quite rigid, I tried to enhance its toughness using war wagons to support the wings, and providing two reserves made by RKnF to shift the force balance in critical sectors.

My opponent used Attila's army, all mounted and with regular generals. A good test to check how Ts'in could fare versus nomads.


As defender, I tried to protect my flanks by outflanking manouvers using the terrain. I made a first mistake setting the BuA to close to the edge. This let an open central area too wide to be covered by my army. Furthermore, my trbal corps could not set along the WW, and this let another gap in my line. The Hunnice decided to use the all mounted deploying mod to deply and move first. I had to echelon all my troopsto avoid being surrounded. Here I made a second mistake, not closing enough the tribal corps to the WW and letting the room to march around it.


Attila moved first and doubled the pips to take advantage of the opportunity my bad deployment gave him.


My higher pip dice was given to the right corps. This let me manouver fast the reserves that were immediately sent to bolster the exposed tribal corps. The initiative was lost from the first bound, and the game would be one of tough defence.


The Huns charged in the center to fix my army while more troops were sent around the left


The Huns didn't double the pips on the second turn preferring to keep the last brilliant stroke. This let me arrive on the left flank before the nomads could attacke the rear of the tribal corps. The problem was that I had to engage enemy enjoying the uphill position.


The feigned flight did not disorder my army, and Chinese started to couterattack locally to weaken the huns


Chinese were under severe pressure, and the war wagon played a vital role in my defence. Luckily I survived many enemy attacks


Chinese supported BdF were slowly pushed back from the gentle hill. RKnF were engaged with care.


Even with the war wagons protection, the tribal foot was taking a lot of losses. The corps was doomed, but its presence let my attack the huns with some hard flanks. Losses were high for the nomads too.


The huns finally were able to break the tribal corps, but the prolonged fight had taken an heavy toll. Both the large hunnic corps were near the 50% of losses, with most of them being spent light horses


The central chinese corps, supported by some RBdF from the right, finally broke one hunnic command. The turn after the whole hunnic army broke. The battle has been bloody, 19-6 for the chinese.

Chinese were saved by the problems that ILhS had to deal frontally with warwagons and supported infantry. The weakest corps, made by IBwI and IWbF, was helped a lot by WwgO and when it broke, it was the smaller chinese command. The manouver by Attila was brilliant, but imho the only real opportunity by huns to win would have been to arrive in the rear of the chinese army before the reserves were in position.