Roxolani vs Later Visigothic

My Sarmatian army faced another barbarian host, the mighty Visigoths. The enemy was organized with two large corps, one mounted and one foot, and a smaller light infantry command.

As inveder, I tried to have a bare plain, suited to my all mounted army. I chosed a river, and I was lucky enough to lose it, rolling the same table edge to set up it. The Visigothic chosed a single 2FE wood.

Unfortunately I deployed first, so I could not commit all my host against a portion of the enemy army. I made a mistake, willing to cover a large part of the battle line with my knights. I stretched them too much, having no reserves in the central sector.


This is my first turn move. I made a second mistake, not taking advantage of the rigidity of the enemy army. I attacked along all the front, while it would be better to echelon and try to destroy the enemy left wing before to engage the large infantry corps in the center


Sarmatians took the brunt of the enemy first charge


The Alans immediately countercharged and a bloody cavalry melee started on the left wing


Also the sarmatian knights charged with a mighty roar, but the visigothic foot resisted them


The Alans destroyed the visigothic cavalry, suffering heavy losses, being just one ME from disheartening


Third mistake. I used the general leading up front, and they did not the difference. The CiC was killed after few bound having killed no enemy warband. Furthermore I could not feign flight.


The Visigothic in few more rounds won the game, picking off the sarmatian kinghts one by one. It was a tough and bloody battle, 8-17 the final score.

Well, this battle showed how important is organization and preparation when using an army like that, irregular and impetous. Once it is engaged there is very few that can be done, so reserves are important, and pip management too. Having the general stuck in combat doesn't help, neither having him killed! I need to play better next game.